The Snowland Deck can be viewed as:

An Unbound Book – Each card tells a tale, but you’re the one that tells the story and decides how (and if) it ends. As you change, so do the images.

A Bridge – When there are gaps in communication or understanding, these cards can help you connect the dots for increased harmony, empathy and clarity.

An Idea Generator – Each image features myriad symbols and questions begging to be explored. When you’ve hit a wall, pull a card to discover a magical door that opens to endless possibilities.

An Oracle – If you have questions—and ask them with an open heart and engaged mind—these images will help you find answers.

A Set of Glasses – To gain a fresh perspective, don a different set of glasses. Each “lens” in this deck offers new ways being, feeling and interpreting. If you don’t like the view, change what you’re looking at by trying on new ways of seeing.

A Well – Whether you need to dip into the waters of creativity or draw deeply from your soul, this deck can slake your spiritual thirst and saturate the arid parts of your soul.

A Compass – These images can help you find your own True North, as well as protective, supportive boundaries for the mental, emotional, energetic, material and spiritual realms.

Who will enjoy this deck? Anyone who loves winter, snow
and ice! Beyond enthusiasts of all things frosty, those who
will benefit from this deck include:

Kids – Not only are the cards of the Snowland Deck kid safe, they are also kid friendly. This means that in addition to gentle imagery, these cards show scenarios children can easily recognize.

Kidults – These young-at-heart adults still value the whimsical, playful, imaginative and magical.

Therapists – Those who use psychotherapeutic, Jungian, archetypal and intuitive tools in their practice.

Seekers – One of the best ways to tap into intuitive streams and hone our natural sixth sense is working with enigmatic images found on oracle or Tarot decks like this one.

Teachers – Whether promoting inventiveness, artistry, self-reliance or creative problem solving, teachers can use the Snowland Tarot to encourage students to be their best Self.

Students – In order to think outside the box—whether you’re in elementary school, high school, college or professional classes—you must use methods and tools that encourage you to see with new eyes.

Writers – Short on ideas? Tension builders? Plot twists? Settings? What about character sketches, occupations or even names?  Not only will the images in this deck give many opportunities for all of these, but also the companion book will supply actual prompts and exercises to get you from “what if” to “the end” of your novel, poem or short story.

Ministers – Whether you need a sermon topic or anecdote, these cards are filled with universal experiences and stepping-stones to spiritual truths. For pastoral counseling or parishioner visitations, these vibrant, pleasant images can offer consolation and cheer.

Corporate Trainers – Corporations and consultants have used creativity and brainstorming decks for years to promote team building, problem solving and innovation. The Snowland Tarot is yet another original set of cards that can be used confidently and comfortably in any professional setting.

Artists – Whether you’re a sculptor, composer, painter, dancer, fashion designer, illustrator, musician or other artist, these cards can provide you with inspiration for your next project.

Intuitive Readers – New and seasoned readers alike can use the Snowland Deck for use with clients, family or friends—as well as for personal insight and edification. Divination has never been this accessible, fun and revealing!

How can the Snowland Deck be used?

You can draw cards at random, face down, or you can consciously choose which card/s you want to focus upon. You can draw one card or several cards. You can use spreads (also known as card layouts) that are included in this book or are found elsewhere. You can use the keywords provided to inspire you, or ignore them altogether. You can allow the images to “speak” to you. In fact, you can even create your own card meanings based on what you feel and see.

Some say music is the universal language, but it could be argued that pictures serve this purpose. Ancient peoples carved and painted images on cave walls, bones, rocks, animal hides, wood, tombs and papyrus. Simple pictographs and symbols evolved into elaborate murals and painted epics. With decks like the Snowland Deck, multiple symbols and motifs are imbedded in each image, providing manifold interpretations.

The Snowland Deck can be carried in a purse, briefcase, backpack, messenger bag, tote, pocket or pouch. It’s a portable oracle, brainstorming device and inspirational tool. It can be used in schools, homes, churches, spiritual centers, hospitals, medical offices, libraries and conference rooms. Given its theme, this deck would be particularly fun while chillaxin at ski resorts and lodges!

Raves from Owners of Our Snowland Deck

I just received this beautiful deck today! Thank you! It is just lovely! I found you through an exhaustive search on Etsy as I looked though page after page after page....looking for the images that spoke to me and my passion for snow and all things Winter! Voila! I found it! I am so looking forward to working with this deck and showing up off to my other tarot-holic friends! Thank you both so much!
-- Kelly Kirchmar-Heger

I absolutely love the positivity in thus deck! The way the names gave been changed and interpreted, and the teeny details! So gorgeous!  I love every image in this deck

The illustrations are very beautiful and the cards have a wonderful feel in the hand. Oh, and I love the bag too! -- Michelle Schrader

These cards are great! I love anything polar so I HAD to have them. Great quality cards and beautiful snowflake bag to put them in. -- Susan Rummel

Perfect deck to use in the winter ❄ I love how well it is made and it's so easy to read with love it! -- Anamaria Gutierrez-Seda

I find the cards of the Snowland Deck quite beautiful to look at. In addition, they make me smile, which is always a good sign with a new deck. -- Tarot author Anthony Louis

Your Impermanence is the best rendering of a Death card I've ever seen--in any deck. -- Mary Brown (Tarot Dactyl)

My intuition seems to be very persnickety when it comes to imagery in Tarot decks. Usually when I look at card pics I just get a 'flat' feeling in my head.  But when I saw your Snowland Deck I got a soap bubble popping feeling with lots swirly sensations and I was like YES! I. Can't. Wait. to see what my intuition does with Snowland! -- Stacy McCright

I absolutely LOVE your deck! It makes storytelling, divination and embodiment so easy, clear and wonderful. Thank you (and Ron) for creating it! -- Jennifer (The Embodied Tarot)

As a public school teacher, I have to say--teachers of all types should really have this deck. It's so great for kids! -- Maria Maas

So unique! Really lovely cards. -- Gina House

Excellent for children to elders! -- Cynthia Tedesco
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Cost (shipping is included):

$59 Contiguous U.S.     $85 International
Your Snowland Deck Comes With:
Foreword by Author Craig Conley

Like the folkloric Snow Queen's invitation to creep inside her furs, the foreword of a book should open up a text and make the reader feel invited to snuggle up.  So let's huddle close and step together into a sparkling realm where all is fresh and unusual, yet somehow familiar and comfortable.  Like your own backyard after the season's first snowfall, behold a world you know instinctively but even so are seeing in a brand new way. 

The very name "Snowland" sealed my enthusiasm for this work.  I immediately apprehended that Snowland has a genuine existence—that it's always somewhere, even if it's not necessarily in any one place at any given time.  So convinced was I that the Boyers had a genuine insight and weren't simply dreaming it all up, I actually delved through hundreds of years' worth of old family magazines in search of antique windows into Snowland.  I was looking for evidence of a realm that promised new beginnings (snowfall providing a clean slate, as it were) and unique adventures (tobogganing, anyone?), all the while requiring both a heightened vigilance (for thin ice, deep drifts, and slippery slopes) and a keen eye for archetypes at play.  "Playful alertness" might describe the state of mind. 

My research proved fruitful, and I contributed to the Snowland Blog dozens of compatible illustrations going back to the early 1800s.  Many of the images precisely capture the whimsical spirit of the Boyers' project, a favorite being a glorified Lovers card in which a mischievous boy and girl throw snowballs at a statue of Cupid.  Yet none of these antiquated illustrations are mirrors of the Snowland cards.  In other words, the Boyers are offering wholly original vistas into this magical landscape.

The cards of the Snowland deck are like snowflakes in that they invite close examination to reveal intricate details.  They are also like snowflakes in that they combine to form beautiful scenes prime for playful exploration.  The playfulness is crucial, if we are to follow the wisdom of the Scythian philosopher Anacharsis: "Play so that you may be serious."  Finally, every excursion into the heart of Snowland inevitably turns inward.  We're guided into profound contemplation, as cozy and illuminating as coming indoors after building a snowman and kneeling before the hearth to warm your frozen fingers back to life.

Craig Conley, author of Magic Words: A Dictionary and creator of the Tarot of Portmeirion


I truly enjoyed getting to know the Snowland Deck, and enjoyed the video that was shared with Noah and Janet's experience with it. I got the shivers from the connections I made, and many of them hit the mark... All electronically! Wow! You all have created a fantastic deck, and I've really had a few cards hit home as I delved into the deeper meaning through your blog. Heck, the Snowland Deck even clarified a recent reading I'd done for myself with another deck! Now that's something else.-- Katie Johnston, Pennsylvania

Get it people! I use my Snowland Deck (I have two) for creative art lessons and of course the other for card readings. My son teaches special needs and uses my "creative deck" in working with his students on many levels of teaching. Since they are not typical scenes of people they open up a different communication. Plus we both are creative people and love the color, imagery and thoughts they provoke. Please order a deck (or two) - I won't let his class use my card reading deck for obvious reasons so if you use them in multi use settings, you might want to grab two. You'll love them as we have! -- Che Dolan

I had some heavy life issues & transitions and as I've done many times in my 30yrs of Tarot, I took time off. But as always my passion for Tarot flowered in my heart. I say this because last year with all my problems you sent me the Snowland Tarot. The past 2 months I've been reading with it and just narrating fun stories. It's been so uplifting! The images & messages always bring me comfort & wisdom. All the more so as I treasure it as a gift received when I was at my lowest & your generous kindness made me see a light where I only saw darkness. I say all this to say thank you Janet, you're a beautiful soul & a creative genius (your son & hubby too!) -- Share Rashchupkina

The Snowland Tarot arrived in my mailbox TODAY! It does not disappoint! And it is not your average Tarot deck, or RWS clone. Lots going on in this deck...many layers of meaning packed into each card. This is a deck that really makes you think! Very interesting, and I am quite pleased! I like the feel of this deck; the tarot deck bag is PERFECT!  This deck is so different from traditional decks, I know it will be a big hit with people I read for. It is simple and complex all at the same time! It's lovely! So glad to have this deck at last. Thank you!!! --  Vicky Rosemeyer

The Snowland Deck is beautifully inspiring and Janet certainly knows her way around the cards.When giving a reading, she extracts the meaning behind each one without prying or leading, giving a fresh perspective to the age-old problems and archetypes that have plagued humanity since time began. When I can’t “see the forest for the trees” as is often the case when one tries looking into their own cards, she always finds a way to point out what is right in front of my face that I am simply not seeing. And she does it all with a smile! -- Michelle Bowser

Your Snowland Deck is one of the most insightful deck I have ever seen. There are a lot of cards in that deck that really expand the psyche. Your deck is something very special. -- Grace Anglade

Love your Snowland Deck - this is my second order - this one is for my collection - not for reading. You never disappoint with your decks. I would like the black bag that has the gold and silver snowflakes. Thanks for all your hard work! -- Sandra

I got the Snowland Deck today! It's just GORGEOUS! And the bag, too! Thank you again so much! Must print out book now! -- Joanna P., Ohio

The Snowland Deck arrived today! I really, truly like it! -- Jim

I wanted to say that I am still really enjoying the Snowland Tarot.  Ron most definitely nailed it, but you know that already. Snowland figures significantly and accounts for 10% of my all-time favourite cards.  Emperor, Justice, Death, 4 Emoting, 3 Energy, 3 Material, 9 Mental and 10 Mental are all there.  I wanted to let you and Ron know.  And I think you did the right thing of not following the set structure of having 4 cups on the 4 Emoting, or 10 swords on the 10 Mental.  You let the image tell the story and kickstart the brain into tuning into the key phrases associated with the card.  Heck, I wish more creators did that. Thanks again for creating this.  As it stands it will be getting my vote for deck of 2013 at Aeclectic Tarot.  -- Davina Powell

I just received the deck, and I am so thrilled with the quality of the print! Also, I hadn't seen all of the pictures, so I've been perusing them one by one and enjoying them! I am really impressed with them and I can't wait to work with the meanings. I think I am going to do your Back in Time Tarot technique with them because I have always thought that your technique was genius! Instead of relying on meanings from a book, you build up your own meanings. Of course, I'll be studying your companion pdf as well! Thanks again! And thank Ron and Noah for me, too! I love the Noah card and also the number 10 card in which you and Ron are looking on at Noah and the cat! -- Jamme Chantler

I see more and more every time I look at this deck. VERY well-done! The childlike simplicity's is so misleading! Your 5 Material is affecting me sad, and beautiful. I smile whenever I see the your 3 Material. Snowland (aside from a Lenormand deck I've been working with) has quickly become my favorite. -- Kelley Kolberg

I just wanted to let you know that i got the cards and everything else that came with it. they are beautiful. Thank you very much agin for everything. -- Samira Sahhat

The deck arrived in today's mail!  A triumph!  What a treat to see all these cards together after having followed along with the creation process via the blog.   There are too many favorite cards to list, yet I must name a few anyway: the caveman blueprint (perfect!); the spirit of frost icing a window!; butting heads; the Yeti!; Sting!; the matchstick; the snowflake spider web (could that be my all-time favorite?); the family portrait (#10 -- adorable!); the globe within a snow globe (another major favorite!); the chained goat and doggies; the snowflake ring (I remember being gobsmacked by that one when I first saw the sketch)!  The flake/icicle/cube/snowball cards -- what a /brilliant/ idea!  The positive energy manifested in this deck is profoundly moving.   Thank you for this lovely gift -- this marvelous accomplishment! -- Craig Conley

What makes this deck really special are first and foremost its creators! The love and sweetness of the Magnificent Three Boyers are palpable in those cards. And it's also wonderful to have a deck dedicated to the magic times of winter and Xmas. It brings us back to our childhood, to happy moments of holidays. Therefor it is a never-before-seen kind of deck, wich I will LOVE to add to my collection! -- Carole-Anne Eschenazi

This deck is both unique and special to me because it's a deck that both I and my children can use. The imagery is simple enough that my 10 year old gets it, and complex enough that I spend hours looking at each card and finding something new in them each time. This is the only deck I've ever found that appeals as much to my kids as it does to me. :-) And forthat, I am truly thankful. -- Angie Turner

The images in this deck feel like home. Each card represents a story that excites the imagination of it's Interpreter. Even the Death card has gotten a complete makeover to reflect a deeper truth that for each ending a new beginning is just around the corner or opportunity that is found again at a later time. Snowland brings a smile to my face and makes me want to build up a nice fire, grab a steamy cup of tea and journey into the divination world that is essence of Snowland Tarot. -- Jo Ak

The theme of the deck and almost whimsical presentation makes it a deck that can be used with all ages. It is uniquely relatable even for folks who have never experienced snow! In fact, th can make a snow bah humbug person like me find warmth and enjoyment in the snow. If that isn't special, nothing is! -- Karen Borusiewicz

I have never heard of this deck until I came across this page. I would love to see these cards and learn them. Just by reading upon them through this page, I feel that they would be special in a particular connection to the winter months and holidays. Being that I love the winter season, these would be perfect to get accustomed to during that time. I feel that these were made to bring warmth and knowledge to the heart as well as the world. -- Star Arrowsmith
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Read the Foreword to the Snowland Deck Companion by author Craig Conley here.  Visit our Snowland Blog here for tutorials and other fun stuff.
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