New Releases October 2006
Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers - Dr. Steven D. Farmer

The Victorian Romantic Tarot Deck: Based on Original Victorian Engravings - Karen Mahony

Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? -  Barbara Rose

Dear God, How Do I Get Over a Former Lover I Still Love? - Barbara Rose

Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d -  Candace Pert

Coloring Mandalas 3: Circles of the Sacred Feminine - Susanne F. Fincher

The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology (Audio) - Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Integral Spirituality: A Startling New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World - Ken Wilber

The Key: Unlock Your Psychic Abilities by Echo Bodine

Explore Your Destiny with Runes: Reveal the Secrets of Your Future with this Ancient Divination System - Joanna Sandsmark

Pagan Christmas: The Plants, Spirits, and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide - Christian Rätsch

A Year to Enlightenment: 365 Steps to Enriching And Living Your Life -  E. Raymond Rock

Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being by Thom Hartmann

The Open Door (CD) - Evanescence

Let Yourself Go - Arjuna Ardagh

Another Door Opens: A Psychic Explains How Those in the World of Spirit Continue to Impact Our Lives - Jeffrey A. Wands

CALM: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry - Denise Marek

Healing Your Family History: 5 Steps to Break Free of Destructive Patterns - Rebecca Linder Hintze

The Secrets of Life - Stuart Wilde

Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance -  Joseph M. Marshall

Did I Say That Out Loud?: Musings from a Questioning Soul - Meg Barnhouse

Increase Energy: Optimal Classical Compositions for Invigoration and Activity (Audio CD) - Andrew Weil and Joshua Leeds

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners - Jack Kornfield

Wild at Heart:Radical Teachings of the Christian Mystics - Tessa Bielecki

Living Wisdom - Dalai Lama

Nataraja: A New Collection of Electronic and World Music - Compiled by Yogini Shiva Rea

Druid Animal Oracle Deck - Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm 1859061729

Let There Be Light: Modern Cosmology and Kabbalah: A New Conversation Between Science and Religion - Howard Smith

Remote Viewing - David Morehouse

Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic -  Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Bodhisattva Mind - Pema Chodron 

The Instruction Manual for Receiving God - Jason Shulman

Astrology Gems: Aries - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Taurus - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Gemini - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Cancer - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Leo - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Virgo - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Libra - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Scorpio - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Sagittarius - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Capricorn - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Aquarius - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Astrology Gems: Pisces - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Why Buffalo Dance: Animal and Wilderness Meditations Through the Seasons -  Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan Chernak McElroy

The Elements of Prayer: Learning to Pray in Real Life - Joe B. Jewell

Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships - Daniel Goleman

The Everything Tarot Book: Reveal Your Past, Inform Your Present, And Predict Your Future - Skye Alexander

Your Crystal Code: Personal Crystals for Success, Love, Happiness - Teresa Moorey

Ghosts of War: Restless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies, And Saboteurs - Jeff Belanger

LS Celtic Oracle

LS Golden Tarot of Klimt Deluxe

LS Tarot Art Nouveau Deluxe

LS Tarot Lenormand

The Nature-Speak Oracle - Ted Andrews

LS Manga Tarot

LS Universal Goddess Tarot Deluxe

LS Astrological Oracle

LS Kamasutra Tarot

LS Afro Brazilian Tarot

LS Dragons Tarot

iRelax Anywhere (CD) - Real Music

iRelax During a Busy Day (CD) - Real Music

InSPAration - Various Artists

Portable Magic: Tarot is the Only Tool You Need - Donald Tyson

The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition - John Anthony West and Laird Scranton

The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual: A Practical A to Z of Common Ailments and Illnesses and How They Can Be Best Treated with Crystal Therapy - Michael Gienger

Venus: Her Cycles, Symbols, and Myths - Anne Massey

Reaching Through the Veil to Heal: Death, Grief, and Communicating with Loved Ones in Spirit - Linda Drake

True Magick: A Beginner's Guide - Amber K

The Complete Fortune Teller - Marc Lemezma

Changing Minds: The Art And Science of Changing Our Own And Other People's Minds -  Howard Gardner

The Whey Prescription: The Healing Miracle in Milk - Christopher Vasey

The Tao of Detox: The Secrets of Yang-Sheng Dao - Daniel Reid

Bone Marrow Nei Kung: Taoist Techniques for Rejuvenating the Blood and Bone by Mantak Chia

Mind Set!: Reset Your Thinking and See the Future  - John Naisbitt

An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar - James Wasserman

Psychic Dreamwalking: Explorations at the Edge of Self - Michelle Belanger

Tarot: The Definitive Guide - Tracy Porter

Worker in the Light: Unlock Your Five Senses And Liberate Your Limitless Potential - George Noory

Hey, Baby! What's Your Sign?: The Astrology of Compatibility - Joss Harper, ed.

Winning the Food Fight: How to Introduce Variety into Your Child's Diet - Natalie Rigal

Kinship with the Wolf: The Amazing Story of the Woman Who Lives with Wolves by Tanja Askani

Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones - Suzanne Somers

Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World - Craig Kielburger

Kabbalah: A Love Story - Lawrence Kushner

This I Believe - Jay Allison

Hanuman's Journey to the Medicine Mountain - Vatsala Sperling, Sandeep Johari

Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul: Advice and Inspiration on Fulfilling Dreams - Jack Canfield

Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell
- Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar - Thinley Norbu

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed - Philip Gardiner
Here are the new releases for October 2006, which includes the genres of Self Help, Spirituality, Mysticism, Mind/Body Healing, Health, Wicca, Paganism, New Age, Astrology, Tarot, Mystical Fiction, Social Issues, Paranormal, and Inspirational.

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